AccuTrac 12.9

AccuTrac 12.9

Uses the PC date and time and when handled internally a rounding error may occur
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ROunding errors in time/date stamp column:

Under certain circumstances the time in [sec] or [date/time] displayed in column 'A' may appear to have missed a heading or have made a duplicate reading.

This is not the case. Missed or duplicate time readings are caused by rounding. AccuTrac uses the PC date and time, and when handled internally a rounding error may occur.

Reset of Date When Running Session For More Than 24 Hours:

When collecting data for more than 24 hours, and the time column 'A' set to display DATE/TIME, the displayed date may be reset to the previous day with the first reading after 24 hours aftersession start.

Display Error in Altitude Compensation Window:

When entering a Metric or English altitude reading in the Altitude Compensation Window, the displayed barometric pressure readings in [mbar] and [mm Hg] are be significantly wrong. The pressure calculation in [in Hg] is correct however.

When entering a barometric pressure reading in either of the three fields, the altitude in [meters] and [feet] as well as all other fields are displayed correctly.

This is only a display error, and the altitude compensation is not affected.

Summing up, no matter into what field data is entered, the altitude compensation will always be correct.
The barometric pressure calculations in [mbar] and [mm Hg] are off however, if an altitude in
[meters] or [feet] was entered.



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